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keyboard player for hire
Jeffrey Howell

Photo by Sheldon Botler

I am a firm believer in old-fashioned musicianship; which could be why my mechanic calls me "Mr. Rock and Roll." Choosing primarily a piano or Hammond organ I can add texture to verses, color to bridges, boost choruses, dig in and improvise when necessary, or occasionally lay back and not play for the sake of the song.  And although my list of influences is extensive and diverse, my playing is a triple-shot of Billy: Preston, Powell, and Joel.

Recording at my studio, The Wolf Den makes it easy to add authentic keyboard tracks to your songs. Using my Wurlitzer, Hammond organ, Rhodes, or spinet piano I capture the unique tones of the actual instruments and eliminate the need for digital clones.  


Please send me an email because I would love to contribute to your music. 

At home piano lessons
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