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Welcome to Hermitage Music Lessons!

Offering lessons for piano, guitar, bass, ukulele and music theory

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       "I took piano lessons when I was younger. I wish I stuck with it!" 



Sound familiar?

If you haven't said that I'll bet you know someone who has. 

As a piano teacher my primary goal is to keep my students excited

and inspired so they won't repeat those words.


Why the piano? 


The ability to play an instrument is an extremely valuable skill that will last a lifetime. The piano is a special instrument because you can play it alone or with other musicians. It can be used for entertaining a crowd at a venue, serenading your lover at home, or as a form of personal therapy and enjoyment. No matter what your end goal is, I can help you get there.


Why take music lessons from me?


I started taking classical piano lessons when I was 8 years old, beginning with reading sheet music and basic theory and moving up to jazz and improvisational skills at the age of 15. I played in my high school jazz band all 4 years and eventually joined a rock band by the time I was 16. Since then I have been playing in all types bands: rock, country, blues, pop, and jazz.


Having learned the foundational building blocks of music on the piano has allowed me to play several other instruments including the guitar, bass, and ukulele. I would love to pass my musical knowledge on to you!


Together we will achieve the goals you and I set during our relaxed, enjoyable time together. I sincerely hope we make music together someday soon.



 In order to get you an accurate and affordable quote, please chose the preferred location and duration of your lessons: 


- My home in Hermitage, TN


- Your home  

(greater Nashville area)


- Online via Zoom



30, 45, or 60 minute sessions are available


Venmo, PayPal, Square Cash, personal checks, or cash 



"A music lesson with Jeffrey is an appointment to look forward to. Each session is rich with knowledge, joy, and a sense of progress. As much as he’s an expert on the instruments, his obvious natural talent is sensing the needs and desires of his students. Nothing feels rushed or forced. His approach is very organic and much less rigid than lessons from books or other teachers. For me, it’s a non-linear path, which has opened up a new appreciation for the concepts of music making. A very warm and comforting presence, Jeffrey has genuine interest in sharing his knowledge. A great dude!"  -Delaney B. 


"Jeffrey Howell is a fantastic piano teacher for our son. He works with him very well and our son has learned a lot in a short time. He has worked with him on classical songs and rock songs. He has prepared our son to play at live show with his band. We look forward to see what our son will learn from Jeffrey Howell. He has also taught our son music theory and ear training. We highly recommend Jeffrey Howell as a piano teacher." -Christine P.


"I hired Jeff for piano lessons. I'm in my thirties and have regretted quitting piano as a child for decades now. He was amazing. Incredibly patient, I never felt lost or rushed. His lesson plans were challenging yet completely doable. I experienced a natural progression and had fun. He was 100% focused in and interested in teaching me. He wanted to know how I was viewing the craft and led me the way to understanding it. I recommend him a billion times over. What a passionate musician and considerate human being." -Cris S.


"We LOVE Jeffrey! He has made learning an instrument fun... even in my old age of 38! :) 
I have joint sessions with my husband, who is learning the piano, and it's great when we work together because it's taken as "bonding" time. We currently have a great set list that we can practice on together and that is all thanks to Jeffrey. Oh.. and my very shy, timid dog loves him too. If he had his own computer I bet he'd give a great review too! :)" 
-Isabel R.

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