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"Imperfections" was my debut E.P. I am also very proud to announce that all of the music on it was written, performed (on real instruments), recorded, arranged, mixed and mastered by yours truly. (With the exception of "Sweet Revenge " which was written by the great John Prine.) It was a long, joyful and educational experience to undertake alone for the first time. None of it would have been possible without the love and support of some very special people. Thank you Julie , Chelsea, Mom, Dad, Dan I., Tom, Kenny, Dan F., Dave C., Harold, Bill, Andrew, Graham, Derek, Kevin, Scott, Ted, Matt, Kyle, Eli, Dave R., Davis, George, Leslie and Curt, Sarah, Marion, Dan and Elma, Larry, Dr D, Twin Temple, Jeremy, The Blessings, National Anthem, The Jack Of Hearts, Sangre Sangre, The Institution of Brotherhood, Mike and Alli, Laura and Dave, The Penn-Del Pony Club, Every single one of my relatives, Future Music, Dave's Accordion, Fantastic Musical Strings and Rusty

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